The new F-HOT slalom range of fins are now ready. After extensive testing we are confident that they will compete with the best in the world. Sizes from 52cm down to 20cm. These are blisteringly fast and very controllable fins, just fit and forget. For more information please get in touch All fins are hand made and hand finished to ensure uncompromising quality. 

Finite Element Model

To aid the design of the Slalom Racing fins, a Finite Element model was created. This improved our understanding of the structural behavior of the fin under hydrodynamic pressure loads during sailing. Due to the complex nature of the fin's structure with its stiffeners, plies of carbon and glass at various orientations, it would be difficult to predict the twist and flexure of the fin using standard hand calculations. The finite element model allows the user to easily modify the composite lay up of the fin to achieve the desired structural characteristics.

The animations on this page illustrate the flexure of the fin with a simplified stress fringe superimposed for the leeward and windward surfaces. The warmer colors(red, orange etc) indicate the peak stress regions, and the cooler colours(blue, white etc) indicate the peak compressive stress regions. The results indicate that the fin is very much over strength under normal static loading but this is important because repeated load cycles weaken fins due to fatigue.

*Finite Element methods are widely used in most of the leading engineering disciplines such as in the Aerospace, Automotive, Civil industries, etc. Complex structures are represented by a series of simpler shapes called finite elements. Using theoretical energy methods the stiffness and other properties of the finite element can be obtained, and then by considering equilibrium and compatibility along the inter-element boundaries, the stiffness and other properties of the entire structure can be obtained.


Courtesy of Ellway Aero-hydrodynamics  

New Slalom Fin moulds for The RS range


All our fin moulds are designed using aero technology cad design to generate the foil, then programmed into a CNC machine then the moulds are cut from aluminium billet. Aluminium moulds are the best moulds to produce a top quality fin to compete with the best in the world.

24cm Speed Fin


Nice Finish

Fins in the oven

Powerbox Fins

22cm Speed Fin